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Underwater Caustic Effect


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right, i know how to do this in max, so i know what i want i just don't know how to do this in houdini...

basically i think i need an animated noise map thingy which gets projected through one of my lights to fakely simulate underwwater caustics. do i have to use VEX builder to create a surface or light shader?? if so what nodes do i use??


King Soz

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What do you need? Rays that project on the floor? Rays that just penetrate the a short way from the surface and twinkle? Volumetric shadows?

Can you give us reference images?

This slow-but-realistic way is to render maps out of COPs (thresholded turbulent noise is good for this) and use the maps in a VEX Lit Fog shader, but if you can cheat depending on your scene needs, do it.

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What about crating an animated texture with the caustic pattern, you cn do this using COPs for example, there is a tutorial for houdini 6 in the sidefx site about to do this.

And then use this textures as projectors for a volumetric light.

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