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I think you can only use stuff they put on the release, so you'd have to go with a regular Linux for Hodini stuff. It's just a neat package with lot's of cool tools put together. I liked the map of the world that they have - if you click on it, it'll show you the CIA factbook on this town. I even found my hometown there :)

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huh...looks cool...

I'm not very knowlegable about this stuff so....how would one install/run houdini (assuming the OS was run frm harddisk and not from a CD)?...or are users stuck with blender?


It is not so dificult to create your own linux distro with the software that you require.

In fact live distros are a very good media to show demos of almost any kind of software, and there are many live distro templates to create your own distro very easy.

Look in the Google for more info.

and yes is not so difficult to create a live CD that includes Houdini :)

Houdini LIVE CD, The Magic in the iso :)

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