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Particle Speed?


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How can i decrease speed of my particles without change  all form?

I liked how they moving but i need lower speed.


Have you tried the Velocity POP, with something like this in the velocity fields:

$VX*.3, $VY*.3, $VZ*.3

Maybe this helps.

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Yeah this is tough because the point count is changing from frame to frame. If you want to speed up the sim, then all you need to do is cache the sim to disk, read back in with file then use a Cache SOP with an expression in the index to speed up the fetch. Still may have some issues with additional points.

Best way is to cache your Particle simulation to disk but at the frame rate you want by dumping at sub-frame intervals then adjust the velocity vectors to get correct motion blur with a Point SOP and multipying in to the velocity vectors by the ratio of the slow-down. Just make sure that you don't have any $F integers in your sim. Should be $T anyhow or at least $FF.

DOPs has a great feature using simulation time and using $SF in a dop network plus the ability to scale timie at the top. Unfortunately this feature is not in POPs.

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