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Selecting Primitives From Point.. And Viceversa.

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I'm trying to select primitives on objects, picking them with a Ray SOP, and I'm having a similar issue to the OP, but the Group SOP's Convert Points to Primitives is only returning primitives from the ray source (input 1) and not the collision (input 2) geometry..

Attached is a simple example of my approach - I have a number of points with adjusted normals which I use as my Ray input, and an extruded tube as the Collision input.

I'm guessing I'm missing a fundamental - any pointers?




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All good, I caught it pretty much off the bat, though it took me a minute to figure to look in the ForEach -- I've been learning Houdini for years now it seems, and it's pretty tough to build up retention with the little time I can give it. So many things to remember...

Thanks again!

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