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Otl Workflow Advices Needed


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Hi all.

I have some doubts about what is the best way to go when i want to texture a model and in the other hand animate it, then fuse both.

For example the modeler finish the work, Then a one can texture and shade it and other guy can begin the rigging. Both begins from the same OTL, that contains the model, but they get two different modified OTLs, and the final OTL must have the rig and the coordinate texture and shaders.

How can i fuse both OTLs, what is the best way to go in this situation?


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I'm not sure there's necessarily one "best" way. One way, I can see this working package it up as a ModelTextured HDA which the rigger uses. In the the ModelTextured HDA, the texture artist adds their own texture work on top of a Model HDA. But really, you don't need to think that far ahead. The rigger can simply update their network with whatever new HDA when needed.

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here's one way...

once something is modeled > pop it into an HDA, call it model_v001.otl

the texture/shading person loads this into their session and begins work

the rigger also loads this into their session and begins work

the texture guy finishes and saves out a NEW HDA called textured_v001.otl

the rigger can then swap out the version of model_v001.otl that he/she is using for the textured_v001.otl...and then finally the rigger saves out rig_v001.otl that /contains/ textured_v001.otl

so you have HDA's that represent the different stages of the pipeline...

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