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cloth animation


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I think this is the right place to ask this kind of question...

If you have done a character wearing layered clothing, how would you go about dealing with animating those cloth objects and still making them convincing enough that people will wondered if you have use cloth simulation? Using softbodies or Spring SOP/CHOP will still make it look kind of funky tho... I am not too certain how a Blend/Sequence Blend will work. (I've seen people using blendshape to do cloth animation in Maya and it look weird still...) Other things like self-collision is still kind of... up in the air for me at the moment...

Any suggestions?

Thanks everyone!

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Hi Alex

Well, I'll be the first to admit that I have no idea :). Up until my current model I've been modeling my characters really slowly in the hopes that cloth would be added to Houdini while I was busy... hehe.. :rolleyes:

But now, well... now I have to think of something. Personally I believe that a subtle mixture of blend shapes and a spring SOP will look ok. It'll take alot of work though, and I doubt you'll be able to do flowing cloth that way.

I'm just worrying about my horse guys pants right now. Hopefully I can come up with something.

Be nice to hear any suggestions though...


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I think you might have a bit of luck using VOP's (aagh, sorry non-beta people) and using Ripple, Noise and such things with a point attribute to control intensity (that you paint on with Paint SOP). You could paint looser and tighter areas..

But I guess this all depends on the type of cloth and the shot. It wouldnt be a catch-all solution.

Your fiendly neighbourhood Tapir.

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