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Operator Type Properties : Tooltip for Ordered Menu

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I don't believe its possible since you only get the tooltip when hovering over the Label. You have the label of each menu item but you can only fit a couple words in there.

For a longer description you could do:

  • Create multiple label parameters for each menu item, each label having a different 'Hide When' expression corresponding to the current menu item.
  • Single label parameter with python expression to switch between strings based on current menu item.
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A python-based script modifying the help string based on selected input is a great idea ! Will definitely look into it ! But can we actually access and dynamically modify the help tooltip ? I've searched for even just printing out the tooltip to the console using python, and I did not find anything conclusive.
A multiple label, using hide-when would be the fallback idea. Haven't investigated it yet, but I'm afraid this would make the HDA's Edit Parameter Interface page a bit messy.

Yeah, this would work ! It's just that I don't want to flood to much information in this little space. This would be like the failsafe of the fallback =P

Thank you both for your insights !

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