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Round the value in the font node

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thanks, it helped a lot, now everything works for me

concrete - `{
    float val = detail("../volume", "volume", 0);
    string whole = ftoa(int(val));
    string fract = ftoa(frac(val));
    fract = substr(fract, 2, 1);
    return whole + "." + fract;
}`  m3



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here's mine, non-coder method...you can adjust decimals on the fly (which I think you can with your scripted method too)

Example float 123.45678

01) int(123.45678) = 123

02) 123.45678%123 = 0.45678

03) 0.45678 * pow(10,n) gets n decimals to become 'integer' part (rint is to round the integer)

04) answer is part01.part03



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