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Looking Ahead In Event Chops?


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I have a channel that is either 0 or 1. I'd like to derive another channel that, during any period where the input's value is 1, returns the frame number at which the input channel next changes back to zero. So I'm looking for behavior like some sort of event CHOP but with the ability to look one event ahead.

I'm not very familiar with CHOPs, so I don't even know whether this is possible. Any suggestions or ideas would be very welcome.



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Can you just figure out the event changes and shift the resulting data?


The events occur at varying times and for varying periods, so this would mean shifting the channel a different amount for each period where the input value is 1.

Do you mean it's possible to do this by accessing a list of events, eg. querying what frame number an event CHOP's fourth event occurs on? If so, great, this would solve the problem, but I don't know how to perform such a query; could you explain?

If you mean finding a procedural solution or shifting the channel by hand, unfortunately these are not possible because the function is to be applied to a large amount of arbitrary data.

Thanks for your reply.

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If I understood you right, this should work as expected. If you want to look further ahead, change the post add value in the math1 chop.

Hope this gets you started



Achim, that's perfect! It was the Split CHOP that solved the part I was stuck on. Thanks very much!

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