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Alembic export and Textures

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Hi ! I have some problem with export :S 

I imported alembic file from C4D to Houdini and simulate some props.

then, I cached that simulation and export with ROP Alembic Output node.

and when I import that abc file at C4D, All textures gone T_T

Where Do I have to add Rest position and UV texture nodes ??

It is too difficult to me Help me !


I set up my nodes like this.


Imported alembic file -> blast props -> unpack each prop, add rest position and uv texture node -> pack

-> simulation(DOPNET) -> file cache -> convert node (If I didn't add this node, Houdini get fatal errors) -> ROP Alembic Output.


At the pack level, I added ROP Alembic Output and export it for test. and It works !

but when I finished simulation and cache it, use convert node and ROP Alembic Output nodes. Its Textures are gone T_T

How Could I do ?

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3 hours ago, Jesper Rahlff said:

instead of the convert node after the cache, try to put down an unpack instead. your convert might be causing the loss of your attribs


Thank you for reply ! but If I add unpack node, use ROP alembic output node, Houdini gonna be crashed down and I don't know why ...

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On 2018. 5. 10. at 1:45 AM, Jesper Rahlff said:

does your simualtion cache have rest and Uv attribute when coming out of the dop? if not try attribute transfer uv and rest after your convert node. maybe even better  to use attribute copy

Thank you for idea ! I solved it :D

I set up my node tree as same with before, but just one thing different.

I wanted to assign object's own uv&texture. so get into each object's unpack node and transfer 'path' attributes.

and then transfer 'path' attributes again at pack node which is under the unpack node.

finally, each objects could have there own path attribute and so It can be connected with each's path :) 

Thank you for your idea again and have a good day !!!

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