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Amd Athlon64 X2 Under (32-bits) Windows Xp


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I've read about people whom are experiencing problems with Houdini under both 64-bit Linux and Windows XP.

I myself am a proud owner of an AMD Athlon64 X2 (dual core), though running under 32-bit Windows XP. My system being dual core with a nice clockrate and a great videocard it's already very fast, especially compared to my previous system.

What are the benefits of AMD Athlon64 (X2) processors under 32-bit Windows XP - or Linux for that matter - when running Houdini compared to 32-bit architectures? (Let's say speed-wise, aside the issues people may be experiencing currently). Because I wonder if there will be a major benefit if I switch over to 64-bit Windows XP.

Thanks in advance!

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Not sure if I got Your point but if You run a AMD X2 with WINXP 32 You system is a 32 bit system, no advantages. the good thing with X2 is that they are quite fast, easy to cool and they use the energy well.

Another advantage is You CAN use a 64bit OS. 64 bit os gives You a wider memery address room ( more memory to use). But speedwise it should behave the same (I guess).

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