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Smoke attracted in a sphere

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Hi everybody,

i'm tryng to acheive an effect where a volume dissolves in smoke and than the smoke is attracted in a sphere, possibly colliding with it...i'm at a good point, i have the volume dissolving and tested two methods for the attraction, but is not exactly as good as it should be.

Method one is to create a field force with the sphere and give it negative value, this is good, but no collisions and also no control over the final shape.

Method two is simply using the attract fluid, but in this case i can't shape the smoke around the sphere, only make the smoke move in the sphere direction, like an aim.

There is any solution wich can give some control over the final shape and the attraction speed?

Thanks alot


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I ran across this scene on the forum a while back. It has some of the characteristics you may be looking for.

  1. Animated Deforming Smoke Emitter
  2. Smoke Target Static Shapes



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