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Throwing particles in a repeated pattern

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I'm starting on a new project and I ran into a problem that I can't play my way out of to figure it out. I'm looking for an effect like this SandTire_001.thumb.PNG.82d8af3bbe28d45e3be9f3e2deb6c30d.PNG

Sand tires throw a bunch of sand and trying to get that result has been a challenge. Any ideas? I have been using a simple setup of particles emitted from a ground plane after impact with the ground but that won't give me the repeating trails all the way back. Instead it's a rather sad thing of a few particles flying off incorrectly

Any help would be great, thanks. 

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If your emitter is fast enough you would get that naturally with low substeps, or just put a pulse wave chop (motion fx) on the impulse activation. Or a modulus expression

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