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Primitives soft selection


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If the primitives are connected it's a bit hard to grasp what to do on the points since those are the ones moving.

I remember though once seeing a thing in other app where you could move the primitives centroids and the points would automatically move to keep the primiitive's normal direction of all neighbor primitives. Was pretty cool, but I can't remember the app. Almost looked like a boolean. almost looked like a boolean:


Do you even have a depiction of what you're after?

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well, what max does is basically by selecting the face it selects all 4 points of it and moves them in the same direction

as probiner said, it's the points that are moving after all, not the face.

so although being not really handy, you gotta select all the points of the face and then use the soft settings

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work around:

01) select face(s)

02) CTRL+SHIFT+3 to convert to edges

03) Bob's your uncle

EDIT: just saw above post....you can substitute 2 for 3 if prefer points....

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Thanks guys. Ok so Houdini just can't use soft select for Faces like it can't do border select etc on faces only on points and edges. I already use the shortcut to convert face selection to point selection (a strange character I didn't have on my keayboard so I remaped it) but I didn't know theCTRL+SHIFT+3, maybe easier to remmber and no need to remap it. 

I hope future version could add the functionalities we get with points and edges for faces too.

I would also like to see just a simple note in the doc: soft select doesn't work on faces. Instead they are implying that it does work but it doesn't so it surely is a huge loss of time trying to make it work. see here: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/sop/edit.htmlSoft radius

Soft Radius: Distance within which other points/faces follow the points/faces you edit directly."


p.s. I really dont' get your joke about Bob being my uncle...???? I sware I tried hard!

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Weird CTRL-SHIFT+3 doesn't work for me. anyway my other shortcut does work. the original shortcut was CTRL+@ but for some reason (like a few other houdini shortcut) it doesn't work on my English-Canadian-french keyboard. Even though Houdini is made in Canada! It's the only 3D software i get problem with shortcut like that (no problem on Zbrush, maya, max, blender). I hope they could make houdini shortcuts compatible with french keyboard.


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