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Stairs between two floors?

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Hey magicians,

I'm getting crazy with this, I'm trying to create some stairs between 2 floors on this house


Some stuff I tried:

- Creating stairs with a duplicate node transformed 45 degrees from a point and with a expression to rotate 90 degrees, issue is that some of them appear going to any direction and the floors dont connect because of distance

- Connect adjacent pieces gave me some lines wich I resampled and created copy boxes around then, but looked weird too

- Add sop between some points, but also looked weird


I think I have to measure floor distances and generate a 45 degrees line from there and make the stairs go between certain directions, thing is I don't know how, my vex knowledge is pretty limited


@f1480187 if you are around would love to hear your opinion.


Thanks in advance



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@konstantin magnus master! I've tried the polyframe N trick, but didn't know about the N.y to 0, handy new trick learned, thanks a lot dude!

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