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Hi people,

I got sequence of .tga frames and use Mplay for prewiev. When Mplay plays first time, and loads frames, everything is ok but the second time I see black screen and it looks like frames disappeared.



I'd check out the Display Options ("d") and make sure that your Video Card Options... are set to "Best Compatabilty" first. Might be a card/driver issue?

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If you try to preview files being rendered in other software there might be an issue if mplay loads an unfinished image. In my case it blacks out the whole sequence as soon as it hits the unfinished one while playing.

I use it to preview open exrs from xsi.

Apart from this, mplay is really the best in package flipbook I've ever used.

Softimage's one is a shame and nothing more.

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Hey thanks for answers. Peliosis U right, this is it --> unfinished frames. I've got frames from other app and when there is unfinished frame everything turns black and looks like no images loaded, also 'C' from main menu bar turns to 'none'. When all frames r finished everything is ok.

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