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Align Null to other Null in Viewport

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I have two helper floating in space but both of them have cleaned Transformation. 

Is it possible to align one helper to the other in the viewport and the translation/rotation parameters should only display the relative position changes from its current position? 



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If i understood your question right, you can click the small button on the right end of the translate then select the helper you want to snap to, on the viewport. It will give you the translate values of the selected helper. Same goes for other parameters. Cheers!

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Posted (edited)

This is basically exactly what Im aiming for. Thanks. Unfortunately it does not work in a subnet/HDA. 

You can reproduce the strange behavior with a subnet. Put the two nulls in a subnet and expose/relative reference the parameters outside to the subnet controls. If you snap the objects here to each other it will rotate/translate the whole subnet in a strange way.

Do you know the reason for that? 


match_translation_problem.hip  ( transforms of subnet are hidden )


Edit: Hm...It kinds of transfers the information of the "match" function to the whole subnet instead of the selected parameter...

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