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Configuring PATHs for installed Python packages

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novice Python user trying to get ytini (Houdini for Astronomy  http://ytini.com) up and running on my Mac.

Followed instructions, using miniconda and then installed the yt package.
Confirmed that it is correctly installed.

But from within Houdini's Python shell when I try and do an import yt I get a package not found error.

I assume my pathing is wrong.
The install directions here

suggest modifying your .bash_profile  which I've done after first making necessary changes.
But the directions assume there is a yt-conda directory


and also a yt-conda/sbin directory


but I have neither. Only the following


What changes should I make to my pathing to make Houdini recognize the yt package install?

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I don't know the specifics of this package, but for a regular Python package you need PYTHONPATH variable and not PATH

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