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Point function fails to use pscale attribute

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Recently I started learning VEX, but now and then I hit a wall. In this case I can't find the answer on my own.
What I'm trying so solve here, is to read the pscale from the closest point.

@pscale = random(@P);;

string me = itoa(@ptnum);
i@near = nearpoint(0,'!'+me,@P);

@npt_pscale = point(0, "pscale",@near);

 Getting an attribute with the point function works fine in most cases, like with the @P or @Cd, but with pscale it gives me a value of 0.0.
Not sure I this is the best method, or maybe I'm overlooked something. I really can use some help.






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Generate your @pscale in a separate wrangle or Attribute Create SOP, before this wrangle.

Wrangles run in parallel, so there's no guarantee that any other nearby point has an initialized @pscale value when the current point runs its search.

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I'm still a bit lost on the whole parallel processing concept, but I will do a some more research on the subject.
For now it works, THX toadstorm!

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