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Found 6 results

  1. I feel like the answer is going to be simple but I have been hung up on this for a while. I am finding the nearpoint and storing its vector as a lerp target. That part works fine but as the rest position moves I want it not look for a new closest point until distance from rest to the last nearpoint is x far away. Instead of constantly looking for the closest point. The final effect I am going for is to have the sphere move across surfaces and have the lines act like tendrils walking. point_reach_003.hiplc
  2. I'm gonna use nearpoint with the position of add+transform. int point = nearpoint(0,v@opinput1_P,1); if(point == @ptnum) { @Cd = {1,0,0}; } but it doesn't work.
  3. Recently I started learning VEX, but now and then I hit a wall. In this case I can't find the answer on my own. What I'm trying so solve here, is to read the pscale from the closest point. //PSCALE @pscale = random(@P);; //NEARPOINT string me = itoa(@ptnum); i@near = nearpoint(0,'!'+me,@P); //READ PSCALE FROM NEARPOINT @npt_pscale = point(0, "pscale",@near); Getting an attribute with the point function works fine in most cases, like with the @P or @Cd, but with pscale it gives me a value of 0.0. Not sure I this is the best method, or maybe I'm overlooked something. I really can use some help. nearpoint_pscale.hip
  4. kashmere

    VEX nearpoint

    Hello OD ones, I am relatively new to vex and houdini but I am going with my guts on this. I want to get the nearpoint P2 on geo2(input1) for every point p1 on geo1(input0). I am doing this in a wrangle node, the wrangle node is in geo1 stream. I have a few restrictions 1) I am running the wrangle on primitives, so I am finding the nearpoint for all the points per primitive, the search is limited to a particular primitive on geo2 that shares a flag with the primitive on geo1. 2)since nearpoint doesn't allow me to make group in geo2(input1) [ or i could have just grouped the points on the specific primitve on geo2 on the run and use the actual 'nearpoint' function over that group]. So using nearpoint is out of question [or is it?] 3) So I wrote the code of how I think nearpoint would work [find distance from P1 to each point on the primitive on geo2, asign it to array and get the minimum value of array and find the ptnum of the point with the min distance value.] 4) but this is taking too long to run since I have hundreds of thousands of primitives to run on, I thought it will be fast but its not, using nearpoint is so much faster even when it runs on the whole geometry of geo2, but that will get me a point from a primitive that doesnt share the same flag which I set for each primitive on geo1. Any improvements to the algorithm or a function which i missed is much appreciated!!!
  5. Hi guys, I need to ask one quick question. How to use nearpoint expression in vex . Thanks in advance
  6. Hello everyone, I was trying to form an object by finding the nearest point. The effect I got is , the points just pop up instead of actual forming the line between 2 points. I tried using a resample and to increase the search radius in OpenPointCloud in VOPSOP, but radius grows from one particular point and not from each point which gets connected. I was wondering , is it possible to creating something like a circuit , which grows and creates a network which follows the edges of the objects? I have attached a video with my problem, my file and the OTL. Thank you OPcustom.otl movie.mov nearest_point_formation_v001.hip
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