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Resetting the Viewport

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I wanted to share this script with you guys.

As we all know, viewport issues randomly occur at times. Geometry doesn't display properly, templated geo sticks to the view and doesn't go away, camera gets stuck in ortho mode, etc.

So a common fix for this is to just close the viewport and make a new one.

I have written a script you can add on your shelf for your convenience:

cur = hou.ui.paneTabOfType(hou.paneTabType.SceneViewer,0)
vp = cur.curViewport()
so = vp.settings().displaySet(hou.displaySetType.SceneObject)
fb = cur.flipbookSettings()
somode = so.shadedMode()

cam = hou.node("/obj").createNode("cam")

new = cur.pane().createTab(hou.paneTabType.SceneViewer)
nvp = new.curViewport()
ndm = nvp.settings().displaySet(hou.displaySetType.DisplayModel)
nso = nvp.settings().displaySet(hou.displaySetType.SceneObject)



This will also save your current camera position, shaded mode, and flipbook settings.


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Very useful and works really well! Thanks!

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