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Houdini For The New Artist - Part II


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Hey ODforce! I recently published the next installment of the Houdini For The New Artist series. This course is all about making Houdini easier to learn, and you can watch the first chapter for free! Here's the link: http://bit.ly/2okYpY4

Some of the main topics include:

Chapter 1:

  • How to understand and set up DOP networks

  • Using SOP attributes with the dynamic context

  • Forces

  • Particles

  • Life & Variance

  • How to use groups

  • Rendering Particles

  • Sub-steps, Sub-frames, & Time-Steps

  • Caching Sub-steps & Practical Applicaitons

Chapter 2: Texturing & Lighting Techniques

  • How to Integrate a Substance Painter Workflow with Houdini

  • Spot Lights, Area Lights, & Artistic Considerations When Placing Key Lights

  • Utilizing Light Attenuation

  • Gobos

  • Aim Constraints, Near-attenuation

  • Techniques for Reading & Emphasizing Form While Lighting

  • How to Make Light Blockers

  • Shadow Masking

  • Techniques for Controlling Light Placement

  • Component-based Lighting

  • Light Linking

Chapter 3: HDAs, Velocity, Normals, and & VOPs

  • What is an HDA? How do you make one?

  • Data Types & Adding user Parameters

  • Booleans, Switch Nodes, & Parameter Behaviors

  • Additional HDA Modifications

  • What is Velocity?

  • What are Normals?

  • An Introduction to the Point Wrangle

  • Introduction to VOPs

  • How to Blend Materials

  • Basic Noise Parameters

  • Additional VOP Techniques

Chapter 4: Geometry Types, Animation, & CHOPs

  • Geometry Types & Attributes

  • Introduction to Volumes

  • Animation Basics

  • Channel Groups, Animation Layers, & Motion Trails

  • Introduction to CHOPs

  • Curve Constraints, CHOPS with DOPs, & Additional Settings

Chapter 5: Rendering & Compositing

  • Introduction to Multi-pass Compositing

  • Rendering Concepts

  • How to Use Takes

  • Rendering Multiple Jobs

  • De-noising passes

  • Compositing Basics with Houdini

Thanks for watching!

- Tyler

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