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Filling holed mesh for shattering?


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Hey magicians, I'm trying to do some shattering with booleans but I get the parts like paper, I played with facet, polycap, polydoctor nodes, as well as boolean shatter operation types with no luck.

Only way I found to fill the mesh is going to zbrush and doing some stuff there, I've also tried converting to VDB, but ideally I would like to use the model as it is, since is provided by the client with all the UVs and stuff.


Any ideas to solve this? Thanks!

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definitely something wrong going on. do you have "treat as solid" turned on? Have you had luck just cutting up test geo like the pig head to see if you can get that working? Usually if it looks like that there is a problem either with the geometry being cut, or the geo being used to cut.

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