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Point deform deformation problem with a changing point count mesh

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Hey Guys,


Uploaded a simplified example scene of the project I've been working on and trying to wrap my head around the last few days.


Basic jist of it is I've got this alembic mesh that's got a changing point count on it, I was wondering how I would go freezing a static frame of this mesh and then deforming it so I end up with a mesh with a consistent point count.


So far I've been playing around with point deform / attribute interpolate / ray sop but I haven't managed to figure it out yet, every result seems to lead me to this same jumbled pile of polygons which you can see in my example.


Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!




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52 minutes ago, Atom said:

Try configuring your nodes like this...




Hey Atom, Thanks for the suggestion,


Unfortunately in my scene the changing point count is baked into the source mesh, so I cant separate it out as per your suggestion.


 In the example I uploaded I re-created the effect using the pigs-head and vdb to simulate the same working conditions.


Any other ideas?

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Sure you can. Just replace the pig head with your Alembic node.

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