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Found 19 results

  1. Would the deformation of texture maps work DOP networks?
  2. Are there any known workflows for rigid texture mapping and texture deformation in Houdini? real-time-variable-rigidity-texture-mapping.pdf (napier.ac.uk) Content-aware texture deformation with dynamic control - YouTube
  3. Hi; Is it possible to deform a line using CHOPs nodes (wave) like the image before? Thanks for helping.
  4. Hello; I tried to deform a cloth object with the smoke, but how can I stop the smoke from passing through? Thanks for helping. Cloth_Smoke_Collision_01.hip
  5. Hi I'm trying to add up deformation from 2 animated objects (or rather, same object with 2 animations, so the topology is the same). I've been reading up on this but wasn't able to find anything. I was wondering wether anyone had an idea how would you go about this? My only guess is matricies, but I haven't used them in quite a while and would probably start learning over, so to avoid unnecessary time sink I wanted to ask wether someone did this with matricies succesfully? Hopefully its pretty clear what I'm trying to achieve, but if not I found this post which describes the same problem and has example file with the issue in question.
  6. Hi All, I'm having a problem here where I'm deforming some terrain geo using a vdb network. These are just like growing particle plants which create little mounds in the dirt as they birth. The terrain UV is jittering around as these seeds move through the vdb, reshaping the terrain. I've tried a rest position which would normally work. But i've not had experience using the rest with VDB transformation. I've attached a file and a redshift render. Thanks! ground_deformation_example.zip Particle_Growth_v3-Redshift_ROP1.mp4
  7. Hi, I am working on an airplane destruction with a skeleton underneath the fuselage. At first this worked quite well. ( SimV15_V5_goodImpact ) But after importing a newer version of the model with wings it completely ruins the simulation. ( SimV15_V7_Glitch ). Once I removed the breaks in the fuselage and skeleton mesh it works as it should again but the skeleton glitches through the fuselage. ( SimV15_V7_WingFixSkeletonBug2 ). So I know why this happens but I don't know how to fix it. I also don't really understand why the skeleton glitches through the fuselage mesh all of a sudden. Can two deformable surfaces work together properly? In attachments, you can find the file ( Simtest_15_V10WingFix_SkeletonIssue ) and the ABC ( B25_V30_Turbo_AllWingsV2 ) Btw I used steven knippings rigids 3 tutorial to get the metal deformation. Thanks in advance SimV15_V5_goodImpact.mp4 SimV15_V7_Glitch.mp4 SimV15_V7_WingFixSkeletonBug2.mp4 Simtest_15_V10WingFix_SkeletonIssue.hipnc B25_V30_Turbo_AllWingsV2.ABC
  8. Hey Guys, Uploaded a simplified example scene of the project I've been working on and trying to wrap my head around the last few days. Basic jist of it is I've got this alembic mesh that's got a changing point count on it, I was wondering how I would go freezing a static frame of this mesh and then deforming it so I end up with a mesh with a consistent point count. So far I've been playing around with point deform / attribute interpolate / ray sop but I haven't managed to figure it out yet, every result seems to lead me to this same jumbled pile of polygons which you can see in my example. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you! deformingGeo_changingPointCount.hip
  9. I have a scene with two FEM objects. I want them to move towards world origin, collide, deform , bounce back and move towards each other again, collide, bounce back. Like a pendulum balls. between 5 and 10 collisions.I have used Magnet force with animated Activation by certain $FF == 2 || $FF == 150 ... But it is not sexy. Or very flexible. Can someone please have a looksi and help with some more clever magic to achieve pengilum balls collide like repetitive collisions? femMagnet.hip
  10. Hi guys, I'm having some trouble using bone length for squash and stretch as its giving me crazy deformations that I cant fix. (see attached file) if anyone knows how I can solve this, it would be much appreciated. Also, the other problem is, how would I implement volume preservation with the squashing and stretching? In maya, we would use the joint scale but Houdini seems to give weird results if I scale bones. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks. rigging_bone_stretchy_problem_01.hip
  11. Hi guys, I was wondering if any of you could help me solve the following issue: I have one animated object (polygons). I am trying to create a deformation on it's rest position and apply it back to the animated object so that I can have more control on that deformation. So far, I have tried two different approaches: 1. Calculate de point difference in the deformed rest position and transfer it to the animated object using an attribute reorient node. It kind of works but it changes the transfered deformation too much. 2.Using matrices to transfer the deformation. I have tried it without success. I know how to export the translation/rotation/scale but I don´t know exactly what to do with it. Does anyone knows any way of transfering the deformation from the deformed rest position to the animated position? Could anybody explain how to apply the matrix translation/rotation/scale into the animated object? I would appreciate some help on this issue because it´s beginning to drive me crazy!! Thanks!! transferDisplacement_01.hip
  12. Hi! I want to attach a geometry (some voronoi fragments in this case) to a moving/deformed mesh, i.e. I want to deform my base mesh freely and the voronoi fragments follow the deformations (Position and rotation or normals directions) without stretch it. I already try it with Point Vop but, how can I send the information of N directions to each voronoi fragment? If I send it with Cd looks like this: I animated the geometry with a mix and a group generated with color. I hope that someone know how to do this. Your feedback is welcomed and thanks so much!! Constraint Obj Test 01.hipnc
  13. hello, I need to create a boat wake geometry deformation. i know how to do it in FLIP but we are trying to avoid doing dynamic simulation and looking for a solution that will be light and quick. It will be very much helpful if you could point me towards any resource available. best regards
  14. Hi everyone, I am trying to create flower blooming animation in Houdini. There are five variety of flowers with different shapes. What would be the best approach to create such a animation? I am looking to animate something like this :
  15. Hello everyone, I have a ground surface which has a basic crack animation that makes the ground split it into two along the crack. It is imported from Maya as an alembic sequence. I am working to get small fractured pieces to fall off as debris as the crack grows. After reading lot of posts and going through sample hip files in this forum, I was able to figure out how to make the debris fall off as the crack grows. (using active value node) This works like a charm if I am doing it on a simple box without any deformation. If I switch it back to the alembic sequence, I am not getting the result. I tried checking "use deforming objects" option in RBD but no luck. I was going through this video I'm assuming I can achieve the effect I'm going after if I use his approach. In the comment section he has mentioned that the voronoid is applied to the T-pose of the object and not to the sequence. Then he matched the P attribute to the animated character. I'm not sure how to do that? Is there any other way to approach this issue? Thanks, Gowthaman Ilango.
  16. Hi, can't get the solver to do the right thing, so that the deformation is taking the rotations into account. Once the ball in the example scene is starting to rotate, you can see that the deformation is added in worldspace. How do you apply the deformation? Is there maybe an example out there? Thanks! solver_with_animated_geo.hip
  17. I'm looking at alternative techniques for doing plastic deformation in Rbds. Is it possible to freeze the cone twist constraint to prevent it from springing back to the original position. As in the picture I want to sim the constrained Geo until it the cone twist reaches a defined angle and then freeze the constraint so that it doesn't return the geo to its original state. I'm presently trying to do this in a SOP solver but not having great results. Does anybody know of a way to achieve this? Cheers!
  18. Hi everyone, I am having some hard time understanding the sopsolver especially when it comes to colliding two rbd objects. I already read through a couple of forum post and looked at the respective example files - even the included Houdini one (Torus and Particles) However, when trying to change the collision object to a simple RBD object the whole system stops working. I have no idea why and I am desperate to try to understand whats going wrong. I tried dozends of variations, I checked the detail view to see if impact data are recorded, but nothing worked. I'll upload a test object which is basically the demo from Sidefx but with some alteratoin to try it out how to use rbd impacts. Hopefully someone can explain to me how to do this. Cheers and thanks Lud SopSolver_Issue.hipnc
  19. Hi Odforce, I am currently working on a shot that requires identical Mattes from a software to another. I use Houdini 12.5. Apparently Houdini has no direct implentation of Ptex. I searched and I found a way on the net by modifying the Mantra custom shader. It seems to work in part. I get a deformation from displacement, but not as much as the Mesh from Mudbox. Plus, the displacement creates little ''holes'' around the displaced areas. One of you has ever used Ptex with Houdini? What is the appropriate workflow for Ptex in Houdini? https://copy.com/mSjQbJCfMpLf Thank you very much for your help.
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