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Modifying Temperature before FluidSource


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This could be a really simple question, forgive me.

I was curious how you would go about modifying per particle attributes (specifically temperature) when converted to a volume.

For example

I have a fluid particle sim and I want to use that in dops for a smoke solver.. and modify perhaps the temperature based on their respective ages.

so far I've just randomized them dying based on age. which feels binary. so I wasn't sure if I could do something more in sops or if this would be a global dops animated kind of thing.

Something a little more interesting and controllable is modifying the pscale for the particles. when going into a fluid source or a vdbfromparticles. 

I was hoping perhaps there's a similar scenario in which I could pre multiply temperature in the same way pscale is being done. Is there any guidance perhaps down that avenue?

Uploaded a simple file if that makes my incoherence any more understandable.





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You will need to use more than one fluidsource node. A fluidsource node can create multiple volumes, but each additional volume will be created using the attribute found in the field. By default this is density. With a single fluidsource node your temperature and density will be the same, initially. By using two fluidsource nodes you can specify two different attributes, density and temperature. Use a wrangle before the node to assign values to these attributes.


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