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Loop over primitives based on their position etc ?


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How can I loop over primitives based on their Translate,Rotate,Scale,Shear position ?

In other words, suppose you have numerous meshes you can return their Translate,Rotation,Scale,Shear but you can't explicitly loop over the primitives of the mesh as you only have their Translate,Rotate,Scale,Shear ?

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Hey man,

Assuming you have access to all the meshes, could you construct a transformation matrix from the values of Translate, Rotate etc that you have and compare with the transformation matrix of all your meshes and get the ones that match and loop over the prims then ?

You could use the maketransform function to construct the matrix from the Translate, Rotate values you have.


I'm just making a wild guess here :D  


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@animknight That is an idea.  I only have float values to work with, returned from the Translate,Rotation,Scale,Shear & pivot position of the mesh.   The makeTransform() function requires vectors for it's arguments; how would I work with float values within the function ?

I think it's a doable plan, getting the pieces together is what I hope to get some help on :) 

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