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Change some H17 Defaul Settings

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Hey guys, is it possible to change some of the new default settings from H17?

Things that botter me are:

- Origin Gnomon visibility (can it be off by default?)


- Flipbook Resolution Settings (i'd like to keep it off)


- Object Merge Sop / Relative Path (It was much easier for me when it was off by default)

s7wNHfr.png pIk0ir8.png tzRFi7e.png


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  1. You can turn the Origin Axes off and then select Save as Default (highly recommend doing this in a fresh Houdini session)
  2. This setting can be saved to the hip file, but can't be saved as a preference.
  3. I don't think you can change the default setting for Export Relative. It's on by default for HDAs - absolute paths are a pain if you go to convert a network to an HDA.
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