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Export transform data to Maya (exploded view)


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Houdini's explode node is fantastic. I have a complicated cad model with hundreds of pieces and dozens of groups in Maya, all shaded correctly in Redshift and all that - current workflow doesn't allow final renders in Houdini. Is it possible to export from Maya as an alembic or something, animate the explode view, and send some sort of file back to maya to ONLY affect transform data on the existing geo in Maya? The only solution I can think of, that might work, is preserving name attribs in Houdini, sending an alembic back to Maya with a prefix, and then using some mel to run through all of the objects with the same name minus the prefix and add the keyframes. Any insight would be great!


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hey I'm trying to export an exploded view animation right now, any idea on how to do this without using alembic or houdini engine? I'm trying to export for mobile so hde / abc would be too slow, ideally I would like to export as an animated fbx but I don't quite understand how the filmbox fbx export works since it doesn't export just the model as I understand but rather the whole scene?

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