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nprimsgroup equivalent in Python


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Hi all, 
Is there any equivalent to nprimsgroup in python? I use this hscript expression in a switch, inside a for each SOP, to delete any prims connected to the outside group of a voronoi fracture:

if( nprimsgroup( 0,"outside" ) !=0, 1, 0 )

Wondered what the python equivalent would be, because the Python SOP I wrote in its place is much slower to evaluate.

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14 minutes ago, pusat said:

Be careful calling this method, on hires geometry, you can waste a lot of memory allocating a large tuple of Prim data.

Thanks for the heads-up. Do you know of another way to achieve it without that risk?

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Thanks for the advice, much appreciated. That is a shame, since the path forward for houdini I suspect is to remove hscript at some point.

The original python sop i wrote had too much looping. Thanks to 3dome I adjusted it and with low poly pieces in a for each sop its equivalent speed to the switch expression

if len( geo.findPrimGroup( "outside" ).prims() ) > 0:
    geo.deletePrims( geo.prims() )


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