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Houdini grooming tools parting lines

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hmm...for me, your orig file the hairs are completely filled up between left and right areas. With my new setting, the left and right areas are CLEARLY separated, there is no blending between the 2 areas, there is a DISTINCT gap in between.


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Sorry not for me.

I can get a a similar effect by increasing the decay but it breaks the purpose of using the parting lines where some areas I want they interpolating and others where I can define they don't.

It seems the the parting lines doesn't do any effect at all even in the old system I never get it to work right and there is nothing in the manual the points to the right direction it only describes what the node does.

The only way I can think of that could help me is to make different patches it could work but it is more of a hack and more steps then would be necessary if the parting lines work.



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