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Hi !

I'm trying to rotate clumps using vex, I'm new into Houdini closest I could get is using this vex code from konstantin magnus on "how to rotate faces along Normal?" topic,

but the clump rotates on the wrong axis =(

I want achieve the results in this video at 17:32 (Hair FX in Houdini - GDC 2017 Talk) where Saber Jlassi does some really great twists on the clumps.



Here is the file scene !




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I am also looking for this solution.

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Hi José,

you can twist curves around other curves by rotating lots of copied cone lines using noise on a rotate VOP. Then transfer those twisted curves to the position and orientation along other curves based on transformation matrices from the orient along curves-node.

hair_cone.png.75dcec019b03a9000e2f7a009063977b.png hair_guides.png.0d33ca0a6ede72556092add91cb0505a.png

float u = 1.0 - vector(relbbox(0, v@P)).z;
int copy = prim(0, 'copynum', i@primnum);
matrix trans = primuv(1, 'transform', copy, u);

v@P.z = 0.0;
v@P *= trans;



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