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Deforming/pushing grass with simple geo going through

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Hi all,

apologies for a probably very trivial question but i could appreciate if someone would be able to help me on this matter.

As stated in the title, i have a rather simple patch of grass (primitives) through which a character is going through. I just want
to have the character to push the grass downward as the strands enter the geo of the character or get close to it. It doesn't have
to be absolutely perfect/precise. (trying few methods with lattice and point deform but not very successful, seems i am missing one or two things...)

Many thanks in advance.


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well here's a basic setup, if you enable Crag's hammer, you'll see his action is very 'violent'...grass sticking to the hammer...so prolly need to crankup 'substeps' in either sim or collisions....but anyway...that's the basics of it. If your char is just going for a peaceful stroll it might work as is...


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here's a simpler scene. Note the transform, this is to introduce a tiny gap between the feet and the ground. Without this 'gap', the feet would be FLUSHED against the ground when he steps on the grass. Physically, this would be IMPOSSIBLE, think when you step on a piece of paper on the floor, there is a tiny gap between your shoe and the floor because of the paper....the paper cannot simply disappear into thin air (you don't weigh 10 tons). So if you disable this transform, you'd see grass (long lines) getting stuck in his shoes as he stampedes on the grass. The gap is to allow the grass somewhere to go when being 'squaaaaaaaaashed'.


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Is there any update on this?

I am working on something similar. My set up is almost exactly the same yet I am still having problems with the points sticking to my collider and being pulled.

I tried increasing substeps, collision passes playing with stiffness increasing constraint iterations....
Still nothing.

Here is my file.


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