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Mantra Rendering

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the prob. is the "white  point" on the picture


The white spots is an artifact, but what are the regularly placed dots??

Try the trick and increase near param in camera view tab to 1 or something, this usually kills most artifacts.

I'm not sure why there are no splatches on the body?

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hey peliosis,

i think i found the prob. well, after having created a group and a shader for mapping a part of my object .the prob is that the normals "flip" when i move the camera! my test was

mapping with "two sided" and in 2 differents colors. finally if a move my camera sometimes

there is color 1 and another color 2 .... very strange :ph34r:

is there a solution for that?...

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hello DaJuice, hello peliosis

DaJuice, i'm going to install 7x.xx driver under fedora 5 and i see...

thanks :)

peliosis, "I thought your pics were taken from the viewport..." Yes there are!

if i do a mantra rendering at this moment the result is sometime good sometime bad ..

thanks you a lot! :rolleyes:

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This is probably a real stupid question but are there two sets of primitives in there? Try turning on prim numbers in the viewport and have a look.

It wouldn't be the first time I got duplicate sets of primitives while modelling...

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