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export VDB data to a 3D matrix into a txt file


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I found some startup ideas here : https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/56423/?page=1#post-255419

I use a py node for data export, with vdb visualize tree because the py node from the link export data geometry spread sheet

now I need to find how to reshape the vdb_float attribute (in relation to ptnum) from geometry spreadsheet in order to get a 3D matrix (basically, a matrix of 0 and 1 for a binary object)



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Can someone help me on that ?

I am diving in python world and found some help using houdini doc : http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/hom/hou/VDB.html

I have basically written the function found at the link above, and I try to use this function on my vdb volume (filled inside) but it seems that the object has no attribute 'activeVoxelBoundingBox' :/

I'm 100% sure the problem comes from me, so if someone can put me on the right track I would be grateful






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here is the example

connect the Python SOP directly to the geo whose first primitive is the VDB volume you care about

import numpy

node = hou.pwd()
geo = node.geometry()

vdb = geo.iterPrims()[0]

vdbRes = vdb.resolution()
vdbBounds = vdb.activeVoxelBoundingBox()

values = vdb.voxelRange(vdbBounds)
values = numpy.array(values)
values3d = values.reshape(vdbRes, order='F')

print values3d


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