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group by bounding regions with operator path reference

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I sometimes use the bbox expression to reference the dimensions of an object in a group node to create a primitive group by bounding object. 


I'm trying to create a preset to speed up the process of creating this kind of group. So i'm trying the operator path parameter set to string. see below image. it seems like this should work the same as the above image but it Chanel expression returns the dimensions of input 0. not the bbox of the object in the path field. groupbyboundingbox2.thumb.png.48886a87f1f1a0db05dcc74599e197d3.png

can someone enplane how this could work?



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1 hour ago, Jesper Rahlff said:

Try using chs() specifying that the input value is a string.

That was it! thank you very much!

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