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Earth atmosphere with Redshift (or finding the "ANY" KEY)


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I can't believe that I don't stumble over thousands of making ofs. Could have sworn I've seen them each day of my life out there.

I need to create the atmosphere of the earth.

Setting up a density volume for rendering with Redshift is pretty easy and works, but for close ups the resolution needs to be huge to avoid visible steps. Unfortunately no memory will help you out with this, currently.

I could have sworn an SDF works with volumetrics, but don't find any infos on this anymore. The main problem with a density volume is that almost all of its information is hidden inside the earth body itself. Huge waste of resources. Not sure how to deal with this. I need to use Redshift for my rendering.

Can somebody please give me a tip? Feel rather stupid to come with this beginners problem.... : /


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But the vdb would be still of the same size (the diameter of the earth + atmosphere), or? Wouldn't the "storage container", the vdb, take as much memory as before? The vdb's inside value would be 0, but the "drawer" for the value would still exist? Or do I get something wrong?

My current problem is that the vdb start to "pixel" if I get closer and closer. So, either I need to Push the resolution of the vdb or, or, or.... No idea what.....

: )

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My understanding is that because the VDB is a sparse volume if you do the subtraction of the earth geo from the atmos volume and then use a VDB activate node it will deactivate the voxels which has a value of 0 hence not storing that data. You can visualize that with the VDB Visualize Tree node. 

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Hey not sure if you've figured this out and you may know this but if resolution is a problem - how about cvex procedural shader volume? I've only done it a couple times but I believe the resolution is infinite and is just dependent on your render sampling. I actually am curious about planet rendering myself.




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