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Particle Emitter Instance Collisions

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I'm struggling quite badly to get instanced particles from an emitter to collide with each other. Pretty much most particle instance collision guides out there seem to deal with a predetermined number of particles (for e.g.  a bunch of objects copied to a grid's points), and not from an endless stream of an emitter.

I'm trying to replicate an animation I did in Cinema 4D (attached here). It's basically a particle emitter, shooting an endless number of particles upwards, and then falling back down and the instances colliding with each other and the table and ground, and then dying out based on the defined particle life - very simple stuff.

I've been using this video as a reference:


However, there are a few issues with that:

1. He's using a single object type, I want to vary the instances. I can do this by varying instancepath (if I use an Instance node), or using a random Switch input with a For Loop, if I'm using a Copy to Points.

2. In the location_particles node, he's using a Copy to Points. Is this preferable to using an Instance node?

3. The method he's using doesn't respect particle life. How do I kill off the RBDs after a certain amount of time?

4. Houdini doesn't seem to like the SOP Solver method at all. It frequently crashes when I use the Instance node, and seems to randomly fail (or crash) when I use the Copy to Points node.

I've attached my scene here with whatever progress I've made. Any help would be very gratefully accepted. Thanks!


Mini rant here, everyone can ignore this: The setup for something this straightforward seems remarkably clunky and tedious in Houdini. Is there really no "Emit Particles as RBDs" (or similar) parameter that can just be turned on? It took me all of 10 minutes to set up in C4D, and here I am, days later in Houdini, horribly struggling for something that should be trivial. Admittedly, I am a rank novice in Houdini, but this just seems unnecessarily obtuse. Rant over.



Emitter Particles Instance Collision.hiplc

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