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Get rid of subdivide artefacts

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The setup is : polygonal tube without end caps, 12 columns, then a polyfill set to triangle fan to cap it.

Then subdivide at depth 0, 2 and 3

How can I get rid of the 12 ridges on the bottom right geo ?

I would like it to converge to something non convex at least..

I understand that at step 1 of the subdivide, it's breaking the smaller side of the top triangles in the middle (on the top cap), making it closer to the center than the other ones, hence the wavy effect..

Is there a better topology to start with that won't generate this wave ?


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Basically, you want to avoid triangles as much as you can, so maybe an extra intermediate edge (ring) on the cap might work,
or you could try making the cap quads by connecting across, rather than going to the center (or a combination of both)

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Supply more loop cuts in the original mesh before you subdivide. Basic hard surfacing modeling rules would apply in this case as Acey195 suggest. You only really need a loop cut at the top and the bottom of the tube, but I went ahead and added them across the entire tube. It does not hurt to throw a normal at the end of the network either.


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