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SOP Solver with changing numpt

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Hey guys !

I'm currently working on a setup where I have to transfer Cd in a SOP Solver to "Curves" generated by Findshortestpath (in order to generate an attribute from this color).

These curves are evolving through time, find more points to connect to, so the count of total numbers are going up.

However, in the SOP Solver, it keeps the numpt of the first frame. So when I try to transfer P from the 1st Input, it does have the animation, but since it's keeping the numpt of the original frame, it tries to connect points and does not do what I want.

Is there a way to tell him to actualize the number of points it's using ?

Thanks a lot for taking time to read/answer me



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Did you find an answer?

Do we have to do this manually, if so; how? Or is the 'SOP Geometry DOP' maybe a way? I'm a DOP novice, but maybe we can bring the changing geo into DOPs and solve specific attributes in there without touching typology, position, 'id', 'age', etc.

I really need an answer to this.

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I'm in the situation where I want to solve attributes on particles which have nothing to do with the particle behaviour.

It works perfectly well to solve them in a POP wrangle, but outside the popnet (where the particles are made) it seems like it's impossible in Houdini.

Hope someone comes up with an answer that we bring in changing geo in DOPs or a trick in the SOP solver or something..

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I am trying to do this else..to find the time of life of a point (not particle) in a timeline


I am tying using while(), when() and if()...but for while no sucess

The idea is, after numpt() switch from 0 to 1, start to add 1 each frame in a attribute...until num pt back to 0

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I see, you want to find out the age of points created by SOPs like they are particles.. You would need an id attribute for that. 
I do not understand your last sentence.

I just saw the ‘Copy Data Solver’ DOP in the docs and that sounds like it might be promising...

Again, I have very little clue how data/objects work in DOPs yet, but I guess I’m gonna try




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