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H16.5 SourceVolume vs H17 VolumeSource

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I was curious if anyone had information on the differences of the changes between SourceVolume and VolumeSource. When diving into the assets they seem almost foundationally different? (which makes sense)  But I'm trying to understand what the old way was versus the new way.

I was curious where all these interim fields are (SourceVolume) or if they're just gone and why they existed in SourceVolume if we're now just copying the volumes straight to fields now in the VolumeSource with a foreach. And just a bunch of why's and as to why it was done such a way and why it has changed now.


I don't quite understand it all. but it seemed to be a middle step of the solve for all the volumes to fields. where you could access these temporary fields - tempvel, source, sourcelength and manipulate them. And I'm really curious the difference between now and then, and the why between now and then. Or even where they are if they do still exist.

Wish I could be more specific but I'm still a beginner.


Cheers for any help or light on the matter.

H16.5 Source Volume



H17 VolumeSource


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H17 has a new DOP node called SOP Merge Field, which can directly get volume from SOPs and merge it into a DOP volume using various modes and options

that means that a lot of old workflows by creating temporary fields are not necessary anymore

you can still create intermediary fields if you need to yourself, just specify non existing field name in Target field and it will be created (you may want to use Copy mode for that), then use it for whatever you want

I find H17 workflow more streamlined, from user perspective as well as underlying design

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