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Rendering white and no flip [SOLVED]

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When pumped through a dop network, a basin, floor (terrain objs) and a cup (static obj) lose their textures and appear white in the scene view and renders as such. Might be worth mentioning this has a flip pour out of the cup into the basin that doesn't appear at all.


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1 hour ago, anim said:

I'd assume you are displaying AutoDopNetwork in the viewport or trying to render it, if that's the case, just hide it, it's not meant to be viewed or rendered, just import geo you need from the DOPs into geometry object(s)

Oh wow... that's just awesome, thank you. I think I get it now, the geo is being channeled into the dops purely for the sim, so the geo remains visible to coincide with what the dop does.

However now I'm wondering about the sop that creates the surface of the water from the particle field. It has a fluidcompress & particlefluidsurface node in it (which I understand) but it also has a dopimport node in it. Even when bypassed, the sim still works and renders. What is the dopimport for?

Anyway, thanks for the assist.


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when the Shelf tool builds this setup it places display flag on the dopimport1 and render flag on RENDER node

you can notice that dopimport1 brings in visualization geometry, so it will display whatever your guide geometry in dops is for that object, while dopimport named import_fluidPts  imports the actual geometry

so yes, you don't need the dopimport1, if you don't want

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