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Convolution curve

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I saw this HDA demo from Kim Goosens circa 2012, where it takes any smooth input curve and outputs a straight edge or angled curve with angle shaping controls

Anyone have any insights as to how you might go about recreating this?  Especially interested in the parts towards the end where he switches between angled curves and straight edges, with control over the angle of the curve

The closest I can get is doing a linear resample and quantising/snapping to grid, which gives an okay result but it is limited to the nearest snap point or rounded integer, there isnt any actual control over overall edge angle, like for instance I would like to be able to set a global curve angle, so curves can only be 90 degrees along an axis or say 60 degrees, or increments of 15 degrees, etc



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That's nice, but for my part, I'm more interested to learn about the method, than actually using that otl.
I guess it's a blackboxed digital asset, right?



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