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I have a problem with basic custom velocity field

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I'm trying to make custom velocity field in fluid dopnet.

but I couldn't find any tutorial with this.. there are only version before H17 and some are about Pyro.

when the fluid particles passes that box on right of the view, velocity pushes particles to its own velocity direction.

Can you tweak my hip file for it ?


I'm having problems with how can I make box to vel field, and set volume source node up in dopnet to use it as volume velocity.

If you help me, It will be really big pleasure to me


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Yes ! This is what I wanted :)  Thank you very much for your help !!

Is this different with pump function in shelf tool ?

In 'Flip source' node, I can find Pump operator and I tried to use it.

but Anyway ! Here is the different way to make it :) Thank you !

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