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physarum polycephalum / slime mold PROBLEM(s)

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Hello houdini guys, Im trying to simulate physarum polycephalum growth, but unfortunately it has some small issues.

I would like to ask U on 3 main questions, if u will able to help me with any of them, it will be very helpful for me!


1. I have problem with VDB convertion as U can see on the picture, the distributed mesh (from wire extrude) is broken and VDB looks like particles. I dont know how to fix that.


2. In my file (I marked it with red network box) the small vein system of my slime mold, and I would like to connect it to the growing solver, but I dont know how. Basically I need this small veins with same growing properties like the big one have.


3. And last one is is possible to make the slime mold more "fat" on the edge? I dot hnow how to select this part of mesh? :/ ( like onreference picture)


Thank U guys for any advices! Im looking forward!



problem 1.png



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1. You can use a VDB Reshape SDF and maybe a VDB Smooth SDF nodes between vdbfrompolygons1 and vdbconvert1.

2. In this case you can just use second solver sop. Copy-past solver sop that you already have in the scene and plug in small vein to first input and output from solver1 to second input of the second solver. Then merge it.

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Hii!! Awesome project! Did you finally get an answer to the third question? It will be an incredible aproach! if you did it, i would love to know how! 



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