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mask force RBD


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I am trying to add a force to my rbd pieces only inside a certain mask volume that i created in sops.

I am using the techniques used in Peter Quints forces tutorial. For whatever reason, my mask does not seem to work. 

My goal is to apply the force to the pieces within the volume mask and then slow down or come to a stop as it leaves the mask using a drag force. 

Seems like i am missing something simple here...any help would be amazing. 

I will attach my scene for anyone that wants to take a look. 

Thank you.



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i find that work of a force DOP with a bullet solver and packed primitives is quite unpredictably. This is another approach for your task in the hip file. I've increase velocity, changed type of volume from fog to SDF and in DOPnetwork plugged in a sopsolver DOP to second input of the bullet solver. See in the attribute wrangle how it works.


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