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How to make smoke collide with rigid bodies?

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Hey guys I have a destruction simulation here and I want the smoke to collide with the debris, so i turned by pieces into vdb (as you can see in the first picture) and put it into fluid sim but it looks weird (as you can see in the second picture), half of the pieces are missing. This never happened in houdini 16.5 but from the 17 version i am having this issue, is there anything new that i am missing? I have also scaled the density to -1 because i am using vdb.



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You might want to share that file or a similar file. Hard to tell from two screenshots.

Generally speaking, your collision is only as good as your simulation resolution, specifically your density resolution. Also, you don't need this -1 shenanigan anymore, that's an old practice.

You can somewhat get around this by modifying the collision field directly in DOPs. Note the changed node inside the solver.



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