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Select one or other in group

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Having a brainfart here:

I have a bunch of lines which I'm currently looping over and assigning the end points (ie. has 1 neighbour) into a group. What I now want to do is remove 1 or the other of these two points from the group.

Someone show me what a donut I'm being, please!

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I hope that I understood it right. I have attached the file.  You could do "for each primitive" loop and wrangle something like this:

int first = 0;
int last  = -1 + primvertexcount(0, @primnum);

if (@ptnum == first)
   @Cd = {1,0,0};

if (@ptnum == last)
   @Cd = {0,0,1};


Or you could inside one Primitive wrangle:


int first = 0;
int last  = -1 + primvertexcount(0, @primnum);

int first_pt = primpoint(0, @primnum, first);
int last_pt  = primpoint(0, @primnum, last );


setpointgroup(0, "first", first_pt, 1) ;
setpointgroup(0, "last",  last_pt, 1) ;



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I wanted to try a method which works independent of point numbers:

int npoints = npoints(0);

for (int i = 0; i<npoints; i++){
    int group = inpointgroup(0,"end_point",i);
    if (group){
        setpointgroup(0, "end_point",i, 0);

You would put this in a detail wrangle after you create your end_point group and then replace "end_point" with whatever you named it.

This probably is not the best method for heavy geometry.

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just to select random end point per curve without any sop or vex for loops you can do (pointwrangle)

int index = -(rand(@primnum) < 0.5);
int pts[] = primpoints(0, @primnum);
i@group_randomend = pts[index] == @ptnum;


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