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Scaling vs Transform Collider Pyro

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I have come across an interesting problem when I try to collide my pyro sim with a scaled object.

When I animate the scale of a sphere and use it as a collider, the collision seems to delete most of the voxels of the pyro sim instead of pushing it outwards or wrapping around it like I was expecting.

However, when I animate only the transformation of the sphere through the pyro sim it does what I expect and pushes it outwards/wraps around.

Both colliders have a velocity attribute so I know that can't be the issue...

Is there any reason why scaling would have a different effect on the way it collides? I am trying to get the smoke to wrap around it and push out.

I will attach my scene for anyone that wants to take a look.

Thank you. 


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Try turning off Correct collisions inside the solver (Advanced/Collisions). What is happening with the scaling version is that your density source eventually ends up inside the collision object. This causes density (or the fields specified) to immediately be removed. Try to avoid this with better shot planning.


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