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Convert a Non commercial version in INDIE Version

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Hello community ^^

I come to you today for a quick question. I have an INDIE version of Houdini, yesterday I sent a scene to a friend who he and non-commercial. And since he returned the scene I can not open it in INDIE but automatically in non - commercial. Which annoys me a bit because I would not want to have the version limitations and the Watermarks while I paid an INDIE version.

Do you have a solution ?

thank you in advance

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as far as I know, once it's been saved as non-commercial it's staying that way.

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Hi, here is the
Houdini Apprentice HD to Houdini Indie Converter

This online service is being provided for a limited time to help Apprentice HD customers convert non-commercial files to limited-commercial assets, scene files and image files for use in Houdini Indie.
Scene files and image files have an "nc" extension added to the file name and will be converted to files with an "lc" extension. While Houdini Digital Assets created in Apprentice HD probably do not have an extension, these .otl and .hda files still need to be converted into either .otlc or .hdalc files.

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